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Keeping it real

Friday, November 21st, 2008

I am not a big political watcher. While I participate in the voting process and I watch what is happening with interest, I generally don’t get caught up in what is happening. But President Elect Obama has done something very interesting and extremely telling: he has asked Penny Pritzker to be part of his team. Not simply because she knows her way around finance, but because she, in his words, keeps him grounded.

WOW!!!! What a fantastic concept! hire someone who keeps you grounded, helps you keep it real! Have someone who knows you, your agenda, your weaknesses and your strength, and helps you keep things in perspective, even helping you see other perspectives when necessary!

Barack Obama has a finance Director, others have a Mom, and other hire a Coach! because, in the end, that is a large part of what a Coach does – we help our clients to keep it real. what a cool concept! And good for President Elect Obama!

What would you do with someone in your life who helped you keep it real? Not get caught up in the OMG’s and the WTF’s? Not buy into what might happen, projecting your fears, anger, etc out into the world? How much freedom would you have, would all of us have, if we each had someone who would help us to see where we might want to take some responsibility for our words and actions? Some on

Until next time!

What to Wear, Where, part Deux. . .

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Sorry for the delay in continuing my discussion on this subject. But here goes. . .


Shoes, like hemlines, can be tricky. I LOVE shoes! Fun, cool, strappy sandals, pumps, espadrilles, you name it, I love them. I even own a pair of platforms or two! And I just found a pair of Pucci heels which cost almost as much as my monthly tuition bill! Well, two pair would.

That having been said, think about what your shoes are conveying. I have no problem with women wearing 3″ heels to the office. But, especially if you are an executive or want to be an executive, more often than not, you should probably wear something a little more conservative, such as a pump, sling back or peep toe. These give a clean line. Now, I am not going to tell you to only wear black, blue or grey, although these are good basic colours. I am the woman who owns 6 red dresses or suits. I wear red heels with them. St. Laurent and Dior, thank you very much. But because these are professional pieces of clothing, they call foor more professionally styled footwear. Red sandals would ruin the effect. And I will leave the rhinestones for evening. (Side note, the Pucci shoes are black peep toes with just a touch of colourful fabric along the opening. I might consider wearing those with a fun dress alright, as long as it was on a day where a slightly casual mood prevailed.)

I haven’t spoken about pants at this point. The main issues are also relative to skirts, don’t make them too tight, make sure the hemline is in proper proportion to your body, and that the fabric is appropriate for the office. Seersucker may or may not work. And I probably would have issues recommending a knit fabric for pants at the office, either. Looks too close to yoga clothing for a more corporate environment.

When wearing pants, the hemline should be half way down the heel of your shoe. Which can be a trick if you wear both heels and flats. It is something you have to think about and decide for yourself.

Hair and Make Up

Okay, here is a very sticky widget. The very basic is to make sure that your hair, teeth and skin are clean. Basic hygiene. I realize that sounds like a D’uh, statement, but you wouldn’t believe how many people seem to miss this one. After that, hair should be at least brushed, if not styled. If you are interested in being seen as professional, you may also want to develop a relationship with a good stylist and have your hair cut and trimmed on a regular basis. Colouring your hair is fine, but try to not over process it and to make sure that the colour you choose looks somewhat natural. As a beautiful olive skinned friend of mine said once, red and green look great on a Christmas tree. Not on her head. It takes a lot to realize that.

Make up should be handled with the same finesse. Lightly, enhancing what is there, smoothing out flaws, but not so heavy that it masks who you are. Save the eyelashes for going out, as well as the heavy eyeliner. In the end, you will be much more comfortable. And people will be able to see the real you.

The only other thing I can think to mention at this time is to remember to wear the correct undergarments. I know that sounds really weird, but bras which don’t fit, underwear which crawl places, make you twitch, so take the time to acquire ones which fit properly. Also be sure that they are colours which work with what you are wearing. I love beautiful lingerie, but lets face it, an electric blue bra under a white blouse, not such a good idea. Also, no whales tails, please. While everyone is happy that you are wearing underwear, please try not to show it off! it’s simply not professional.

Oh, and one final thing, make friends with you tailor. He or she can take what is a mediocre suit or dress and custom fit it to you to make it outstanding. And that will leave a positive impression on everyone.

Until next time.