Zombies Attack! or it’s all about your come from!


This post is a little tongue in cheek, but I wanted to have some fun. Well, I was having fun and decided to share.

So you have two people with different outlooks on life. What in the Coaching community we call “World View.” Person number 1, who we’ll call Lori – nothing for or against Lori’s in the world. I know many, it’s simply a name – has the WV that the world is a scary and dangerous place! It’s not safe out there. Her friend, Brenda – also nothing for or against Brenda’s in the world – takes the WV that life is an adventure. We may as well have fun.

So one day Lori and Brenda are having lunch and suddenly, you guessed it, ZOMBIES ATTACK!!!! Who’d have thought, right? Now, both Lori and Brenda have strong survival instincts so they reach for any availble weapons and go for it!

This is where inner dialogue is important. Lori’s inner dialogue is “WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!” Brenda, on the other hand, thinks, “We may die, but I am going to take as many of these suckers with me as I can! MASH BRAINS!!!!”

You guys with me so far?

When the dust has settled, Brenda looks up and says, “Not something would do every day, but that was kinda fun!”

Lori, who is off in the corner having a mild anxiety attack, looks at Brenda as if she. is. totally. in. sane.

So what is going on here? Two people, same situation, same actions, both have the same outcome, and both have completely different experiences.

The Zombie attack validated both Lori and Brenda’s World Views. What has potentially been changed is Lori’s PoV. Because, although the Zombie attack did show her that the world is a dangerous and scary place, it also showed her, if she cares to look at it, that she can take care of herself.

So, back to real life and Coaching, how often do you find yourselves in a situation where, if you only look at it from one point of view, via your filters, you are doomed, stuck, wrong, fill-in-the-blank? Where are you judging yourself or the world as being a particular way which does not support your long term agenda? Or maybe it supports an old agenda which is no longer serving you.

What steps to take? Identifying the pattern, then finding something else, something better, to replace it with. Sounds easy, right?

Well, it is as ways or as difficult as we choose to make it. but the important aspect is to become aware and to be willing to look at patterns in a non-judgmental way, taking responsibility and then empowering yourself to change. It’s very cool.

I think we’ll revisit Lori and Brenda in a few days and see how they are doing with the aftermath of their Zombie experience.

Until next time. Things to think about.

Nancie Kay Shuman

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