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The Wins!

Friday, August 22nd, 2008


I have decided to post today about the things which I have acheived in my life in the last 30 days! And my apologies for not writing on a regular basis. School was an amazing experience, but totally exhausting!

Justin has been accepted into Aberdeen University for the fall! This is amazing and exciting. We are now concentrating on raising the $35,000 per year – no, that is NOT a type-o – for his tuition, room board, etc.! But, I know this can be done! and quickly, too. I am very proud of him and will go the extra mile so that he is able to attend and be successful. Which means finding a few more clients. But if Justin is willing to work hard, so am I!

I have successfully finished my first year of school for my Masters in Spiritual Psychology program! YAY!!!! This has been an amazing experience so far and I have been told it only gets better! I have been fascinated, because the one thing which I have been able to take away is the positive feed back from my classmates and my instructors about my ability to do this work effortlessly and effectively. And though I have had feed back from my clients as such, it is nice to work through the fraud factor and really step into my own. Once again, YAY!

I am currently in talks with a UK based magazine about writing a monthly column for them. The magazine is aimed at Plus sized women and I am very excited about having the chance to speak with them and help to empower them in their lives!

And lastly, I am working on finding a company which is interested in developing an in-house Coaching program for the benefit and enrichment of their staff. I believe that this would be a great challenge, and the company would be on the cutting edge as this has been foreseen as a trend whichis up and coming! Anyone have a line to Richard Branson?

Even little Wins should be celebrated! I bought a new printer! no more having to go to the library in order to print my papers, praying that they have compatible software! I have scheduled a photo shoot for my belly dance website! I and going to have coffee with my PR guy, asking him to help me put into place a plan of action to help to further build and expand my practice.

All of which deserves a Yah Whoo!


Yah Whooo!!!!!!

Until next time.